sexta-feira, 31 de julho de 2009

how to recognize/produce B

How to recognize B:

- To see that everything around us, in its pure form, is energy, and that this energy is the Infinite Energy, the Beauteous Light which manifests itself in all things - be they living, inanimate, or even abstract (thoughts, ideas, feelings). To be able to recognize all that we see, and all that we don’t, as manifestations of the One Force; and that every atom of our entire Universe is the Infinite - and the Infinite is nothing but Beauty in its purest form. To recognize this is to recognize beauty.

- To understand/believe that ‘the other’ is always a potential carrier of Beauty. To constantly acknowledge ‘the other’ as a receiver of Beauty as well.

Thus, all meetings, all connects, will be manifestations and/or collisions of this selfsame Beauty!

- To look upon your heart as a mirror, reflecting/becoming all that you find most beautiful around you. To see/experience something which moves you thoroughly, which is breath-taking, (a landscape, for instance) and to be able to find it reflected within, and to say ‘that is me’. To want to be a reflection of Beauty, and to want Beauty to be a reflection of you.

How to produce B:

- Try to place your sense of ‘self’, your being, your identity, possibly even your ‘face’ (self-image) - in your heart centre.

Breathe from there.

Give and receive from there.

- To be conscious always, that the energy you give out should be love energy. Universally, not selectively. To practise this with rigour.

- To ‘give’, or at least to want to ‘give’. Not just materially, but to give out energy, to consciously give a piece of your self, a real inner part to ‘the other’, or at least towards your loved ones. To be interested in their well-being, to want to heal, to please, to make calm, to make beautiful, to support. To be conscious of this constant transmission, to invest in it, especially through touch.

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