quinta-feira, 4 de junho de 2009

My side of the story

I performed Project B to Pointe to Point to 6 persons making them collaborators of this special project.
It was not easy to arrive at the point where the idea became simple and clear as you’ll see in a few days, but it was worth it! I am happy I did this Project!
And beauty’s on the road!

1st time I performed to Conceição on a small garden on the backyards of some urban buildings. It was not easy to activate the space which is related to the Project. But the try out made me go somewhere else, a zone of acceptance and recognition of the moment, and I was relating with something yes, a space inside which draws things on the outer side, through the body.
And then when I listen to what the person saw I realize that I gave something to her and that she did exactly the same for me. It was like being in front of a new mirror.

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